Mike Michaud’s EqualityMaine endorsement highlights Eliot Cutler’s challenges

One of independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler’s biggest challenges in taking on Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud and incumbent Republican Gov. Paul LePage this fall are counteracting their built in partisan infrastructure. It’s part of why, even in a state like Maine where officials without a partisan affiliation have been met with success, it’s still a […]

Michaud is gay, but life in D.C. unlikely to change

Mike Michaud’s coming out of the closet will come as a surprise to many, but to those operating in political circles and likely some of his fellow members of Congress the public revelation, it’s simple confirmation of a long-held understanding. Michaud, a Democrat representing Maine’s second congressional district, publicly came out in an-op ed publishing […]

Bruce Poliquin, Troy Jackson Surprise in CD2 Fundraising

There were not so many surprises in the October fundraising numbers for the 2nd Congressional District race to replace Democratic Congressman turned gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud, but there were a couple. First, Republican Bruce Poliquin put up a strong showing – not necessarily because of the overall number ($222,000) but because it didn’t all come […]

Maine delegation united in shutdown opposition

Maine’s political delegation may be divided over the value of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law that’s generated all the fuss, but they aren’t divided over the bickering over federal spending that’s prompted the first federal government shutdown in 17 years. Both Democratic Reps. Mike Michaud and Chellie Pingree – predictably – opposed House […]