Susan Collins’ calculated support of gay marriage

There are times politicians are bold and then there are times when less bold politicians seem more so because of their more cautious and reluctant colleagues. Sen. Susan Collins publicly supporting same-sex marriage in 2014 represents the latter. Collins has indeed been a friend to the LGBT community on the national stage, particularly working on […]

Eliot Cutler makes his case to Chuck Todd

I’m not a spoiler, I’m a choice. That’s what Eliot Cutler told MSNBC host Chuck Todd, one of the premier national political reporters working in Washington. And he’s right – there’s no right-to-the-throne for either Democrat Mike Michaud or even incumbent Republican Gov. Paul LePage in the 2014 Maine gubernatorial race. The problem is that […]

Michaud triumphs over Cutler with Planned Parenthood endorsement

In a blow to the gubernatorial campaign of Democratic-leaning independent Eliot Cutler, the political fundraising arm of Maine’s Planned Parenthood announced Monday it’s throwing it’s support behind Democrat Mike Michaud. Michaud, now a pro-choice candidate, not so long ago campaigned for and served in Congress as a pro-life Democrat. Cutler has been hoping to eat […]

What to look for in Cain vs. Poliquin

The results are in – it’s Democrat Emily Cain versus Republican Bruce Poliquin competing for the right to represent Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. I have to say, as an observer, it’s going to be more fun to watch this race than it would have if former Senate President Kevin Raye won – he and Cain […]

Maine primaries pit pragmatics vs. partisans

Welcome to primary day! It’s all about the 2nd Congressional District, where upsets could abound. Conventional wisdom says well-funded Emily Cain will emerge the victor over Troy Jackson on the Democratic side and former Senate President Kevin Raye will triumph over carpetbagging Bruce Poliquin on the Republican side. But is that really how it’s going […]

Michaud’s VA problem is real, but manageable

Maine gubernatorial candidate Mike Michaud, the top Democrat on a House committee with oversight over the Department of Veterans Affairs, has been in the awkward position of showing allegiance to the Obama administration during the agency’s unfolding scandal and reminding Maine voters of the work he’s done on behalf of veterans. After avoiding taking a […]

Why King’s Collins endorsement kills Bellows bid

By endorsing Republican Sen. Susan Collins, Maine’s independent Sen. Angus King is effectively nailing the coffin shut on the bid by Democratic candidate Shenna Bellows. King, who caucuses with Democrats, will endorse Collins in Skowhegan Friday before the Margaret Chase Smith Library, per The Associated Press. “I think she’s one of the Senate’s MVPs — […]

Why Paul LePage is not Chris Christie

When Maine Gov. Paul LePage was first elected, there’s no doubt his conservative idol was Ronald Reagan. But his political crush was on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who first took office in January 2010, while LePage was still campaigning ahead of his November election. As luck would have it for LePage, Christie – chairman […]

Shenna Bellows makes the (EMILY’s) list

Though spring weather continues to be a tease, the green shoots of money are springing up for Shenna Bellows. The Democratic challenger to Sen. Susan Collins and former executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Maine just made the cut to receive support from EMILY’s List, a political fundraising powerhouse that supports pro-choice […]

Angus King is toying with Democrats, Republicans

Here’s what we know: Angus King is not going to change his stripes. The 70-year-old Maine independent – former governor, now senator – is who he is: pro-choice, pro-gay rights, pro-Obamacare. He’s also for sensible spending, which you’d be hard-pressed for any politician to disagree with as a concept. But just as he played both […]